No-One Should be Left Behind

I’m Merlin Pendragon Betts, a radical educator and journalist. Based in St Leonards-on-Sea, I volunteer with Hastings Independent Press as their Community Editor.


I offer humanities tuition to people of all ages and skill levels. I also teach core subjects to younger students who might be struggling with school work, and who can all too easily be left behind in a class of 20 or more individuals. Schools do their best, but they are not equipped to teach a student who doesn’t accept the basic school environment and its rules. These children are often treated as being less intelligent or capable than their peers, when in reality they just haven’t had the same education, since they haven’t been able to or haven’t chosen to participate in class.

I can tailor a teaching plan to any such student and develop their skills to a level where they can re-join the others in the classroom and resume their education with a fresh understanding of how school can work for them.

For older students and adults, I offer support classes in English Language, English Literature, History, Philosophy & Ethics and Politics. I can also help students make the best out of their university applications.

Standard fees are £15 per hour but this is negotiable depending on the means of the parent or student in question.

Have a look around the website for a sense of how I teach, and for more details on each subject area.